Essentials for the Car: Staying Prepared for the Worst

Essentials for the Car: Staying Prepared for the Worst

service helpWhen you’re on the road, you should always be prepared for the unexpected. That’s why we assembled a list of essentials for the car, from mechanical parts to first aid products. Being ready for every situation is one way to ensure you are always safe on the road.

First, always take a siphon pump. According to Men’s Health, this is a pump that you won’t necessarily appreciate until you have to use it. This allows you to siphon fuel from a tank (preferably a Good Samaritan’s) should you run out of gas miles away from a pump. Some people use their mouths to create pressure and suck fuel out; however, this is highly dangerous. A siphon pump costs roughly $12 at any hardware store. Consider picking up a gas can while you at it.

Always have some water around. In worst-case scenarios, one of the most important things to have is water—often more so than food or shelter. By keeping a gallon of fresh water in your car, you will be prepared in case you get stranded anywhere. Plus, water can double as coolant should you spring a leak.

Traction mats or kitty litter are also great to have. If you are driving somewhere near a swamp or river, or you are in snow and ice, always have something in case you get stuck. Traction mats are ideal, but in a pinch, kitty litter often works to provide traction. Simply sprinkle it under the wheels.

Other essentials include reflective triangles, blankets, spare cash, jumper cables, a flash light, and a first aid kit.

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