Audi and Marvel Team Up Again for Civil War

Audi and Marvel Team Up Again for Civil War

2017 Audi Q7
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Say you are a superhero. What kind of car are you going to drive? You aren’t used to limitations. After all, that’s what makes you a superhero. Is there a vehicle out there that has the automotive superiority to match your mental and physical superiority? For the superheroes in the onscreen Marvel universe, the choice has consistently been Audi.

Audi and Marvel have teamed up again for Marvel’s latest film, Captain America: Civil War. Not only does the film feature several different Audi vehicles, an Audi SQ7 participates in a very important scene.

Captain America, played by Chris Evans, carjacks the all-new luxury vehicle (superheroes are allowed to do these kinds of things) as he pursues Black Panther. The chase is a demanding one, through tunnels in rush hour traffic, and the signature Quattro all-wheel drive and brake-based torque-vectoring technology certainly comes in handy for Captain America.

In a press release, the Director of Marketing for Audi expressed the automaker’s pleasure with the taste in cars of Marvel heroes, “Audi is excited to be a mainstay for the Marvel franchise and to support their cast of Super Heroes with a fleet of superior Audi vehicles.”

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