Best Memphis Haunted Houses and Trails

Best Memphis Haunted Houses and Trails

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween from Audi Memphis!

There aren’t many better ways to spend the time leading up to Halloween than by visiting haunted houses and trails. Memphis is home to a surprising amount of excellent haunted attractions for kids and adults alike. Here are some of our favorite Memphis haunted houses and trails that we at Gossett Audi suggest you visit this Halloween!

  • Mid-South Haunted Maize – Visitors can attend the Mid-South Haunted Maize and travel through a haunted maze–a fall favorite–or take a haunted hayride. Families can have some friendlier fun with a separate corn maze and other child-friendly activities.
  • Haunted Web of Horrors – The Haunted Web of Horrors is largely considered the best haunted house in the area. Visitors can experience multiple haunts, like Tormented, a twisting haunt through an insane asylum; and Dark Matter, a maze full of frightening surprises. Doors are open all week and close at midnight on Friday and Saturday and at 10pm on Sunday and weekdays.
  • Shadowlands Festival of Fear – The Shadowlands Festival of Fear takes place in Millington and is open Fridays and Saturdays from October 7th to Halloween night. Children are welcome to Jones Orchard’s corn maze, pumpkin patch, and hayrides. All in all, this festival of fear is perfect for kids and adults alike.

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