The 2017 S3 Design: A New Standard

The 2017 S3 Design: A New Standard

2017 S3 Design

The 2017 Audi S3 Sport Sedan is a truly remarkable ride. This model comes with a high-performance powertrain. It’s perfect for the road or the track, as well as precise handling, a tuned suspension, and a premium interior. You’ll find the latest features, as well as Audi-quality luxury in every square-inch.


What sets the 2017 S3 design apart? According to Thrillist, this model is unlike anything you’ve ever driven before. This model has the tech, the luxury, the sophistication, and, most importantly, the performance. Thanks to a turbocharged four-cylinder engine this model gets up to 292 horsepower, and it can do 0 to 60 in roughly 4.5 seconds.


The interior is truly remarkable, with a customizable digital cluster, smartphone connectivity, and more. Dubbed the Virtual Cockpit due to its advanced features, the digital cluster lets you access CarPlay and other infotainment, but you can also change setting to show any number of vehicle specifications.


Finally, the exterior is stunning. A wide grille is bolder than you’ll find on previous generations, and signature lighting lets people know you’re behind the wheel of a precision-crafted masterpiece. A low-profile ride is great for drawing the eye, while features like dark alloy wheels set a new tone. You won’t want to leave the driver’s seat.

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