An Overview of Winter Car Care

An Overview of Winter Car Care

Winter car care is crucial not only to the life of your car, but also to your own life. Cold winter temperatures mean that roads can be slick and weather can be hazardous, so make sure your car is prepped to deal with it.

Change Your Fluids

  • Check the Owner’s Manual: Specifications for different parts and aspects of your vehicle will be listed, alongside a service schedule that you should stick to.
  • Have Your Engine Tuned: Extreme temperatures can be harsh on the mechanical parts of your car, so have a professional check your engine and tune whatever needs to be fixed.
  • Change Your Fluids: The oil should be changed, while the coolant should also be flushed and refilled. In addition, make sure to replace your wiper fluid with something freeze-resistant.
  • Have the Defroster Inspected: Your heater and defroster are crucial elements in the cold winter weather, not just for comfort but also for the sake of your safety.
  • Check Your Battery: Cold temperatures reduce battery capacity, so make sure you have your battery tested or even replaced altogether if it’s too old.
  • Replace Your Tires: Worn tires pose a safety threat on slick roads. Consider opting for winter tires rather than all-season tires.
  • Pack An Emergency Kit: Just in case you get stranded in a snowdrift, pack a kit of extra clothes, blankets, water bottles, flashlights, and anything else you might need in a pinch.

Snow on roads

Start with these six winter car care tips to keep you and your passengers as safe as possible during the coldest months of the year.

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