Audi Moon Mission

Audi Moon Mission


You know that Audi makes sophisticated, high-performance vehicles, but did you know that Audi has its role in designing some vehicles that are absolutely out of this world—literally?


Next year in 2018, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will carry two Audi-made lunar rovers to the moon. Lunar rovers are vehicles that have been designed specifically to operate on the moon’s surface. These Audi lunar rovers will head to the old Apollo landing site where they can examine the Apollo equipment left behind, which has been on the moon for almost 50 years.


The Audi moon mission has no government or political affiliation, and is being organized by a private group known as PTScientists, once called Part-Time Scientists. Their hope for their Audi moon mission is that information that the lunar rovers send back will provide some of the insight needed to make space exploration more affordable in the future.


We may not have rockets or lunar rovers on our lot at Gossett Audi, but we do have vehicles manufactured by the very company that’s been trusted to take on this important project. As far as we’re concerned, if a company can produce both an elegant lineup of luxurious vehicles, and a machine that’s capable of trekking the moon’s surface, it’s a company worthy of our admiration.

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