The Ins and Outs of the Car Recall Process

The Ins and Outs of the Car Recall Process

You’ve heard of car recalls, but do you really know what it means, or how to deal with it? Here Gossett Audi gives you the basics on the car recall process so should you ever need to take action you’ll know what to do.

car recall

What is it?

A car recall is performed by either the manufacturer or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) when one or both decide that a vehicle doesn’t meet federal safety standards. This often occurs because of a defect in the construction of the car. When this happens, the manufacturer will offer to fix the problem for no charge.

How do I know if my car is recalled?

Manufacturers are required to inform those customers with recalled vehicles via letter, but you can also find a list of current recalls on the NHTSA website. The letter should provide information such as a detailed description of the defect and the potential hazards, and instructions on how and where to get your vehicle running safely again.

What do I do if I receive a letter?

The letter you receive should contain detailed instructions on how to address the issue. In most cases, your next step will be to call your local dealership where they can do the repairs.

What do I do if I don’t receive a letter?

If you haven’t received notification of recall but see your vehicle on the NHTSA website, the company is still obligated to pay for your repairs. Call your local dealership to let them know of your situation and to schedule an appointment.

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