Audi A4 Inspires 3D-Printed Dresses

Audi A4 Inspires 3D-Printed Dresses

2016 Audi A4
2016 Audi A4 – Available now at Audi of Memphis!

When you think of inspiration for a dress line, you probably don’t think of a car. But designer Anouk Wipprecht, well-known for her ability to create 3D-printed clothing that interacts with the world, unveiled a new dress collection which takes design ques from the Audi A4, at Audi City Berlin.

The four dresses incorporate design and technological elements from the A4. The first dress, called the Projection Map Dress, is based on the Audi A4’s virtual cockpit. The white dress features angles inspired by the car’s front fascia, and when modeled, a projector brings the dress to animated life.

“I think the notion of virtual reality nowadays is too much embedded into the computer, into the screen,” Wipprecht said. “With, for example, a vehicle like the new Audi A4, you can have something that really makes sense, that really creates a connection between yourself and a vehicle, something that is much more tactile and much more around you.”

Two of the dress are called “Shields,” and are embedded with Audi’s Ultrasonic RangeFinder parking sensors. Incredibly, when the wearer comes within a certain proximity to an Audi A4, the sensors will detect it, triggering the lights to flash.

Finally, the last dress features the same 60-watt LEDs that are found in the A4’s headlights. When triggered, the wearer becomes a vision of light, literally.

Check out each of the dresses, and the process behind the design at

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