Simple Thanksgiving Turkey Tips for a Deliciously Memorable Holiday

Simple Thanksgiving Turkey Tips for a Deliciously Memorable Holiday

Thanksgiving is about coming together with friends and family, celebrating what’s most important in life, and eating just a bit too much. This year, follow these Thanksgiving turkey tips from Gossett Audi to wow your guests with the most delicious Thanksgiving meal ever.

Thanksgiving turkey tips

Cook the stuffing on the side

Some may consider it a tradition to cook the stuffing right inside the cavity of the turkey, but doing so increases overall cooking time and can result in an unevenly cooked, dry bird. Instead, prepare the stuffing in a separate dish and loosely fill the cavity with aromatic herbs and vegetables for extra flavor.

Skip the basting

Basting the turkey requires opening the oven door several times during cooking. This causes temperature fluctuations that dry out your turkey. Instead of basting, brine your turkey before it goes into the oven to ensure an end product that’s moist and perfectly cooked.

Let it rest

It might be tempting to dig right in, but when you remove your turkey from the oven, lightly tent it with tin foil and let it rest for 15-20 minutes before you start carving. This locks in the juices that make a perfectly cooked turkey so delicious. The wait is it worth it, trust us!

A dry, poorly cooked turkey can ruin a Thanksgiving meal. Make sure your holiday is a success by following these easy tips!

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