Thanksgiving Pies for Those Looking to Change Things up This Year

Thanksgiving Pies for Those Looking to Change Things up This Year

There’s nothing wrong with a traditional apple or pumpkin pie to go along with a Thanksgiving meal, but if you want to change things up this year, try one of these more adventurous Thanksgiving pies, hand picked by Gossett Audi. Trust us, you’re dinner guests will be thrilled you did.

Thanksgiving Pies

 Apple-Pumpkin-Pecan Pie

Having trouble deciding between apple, pumpkin, and pecan? Then why not have it all? This pie is perfect for Thanksgiving, as it has a little bit of everyone’s favorite, with a pecan bottom, tart apple edge, and a delicious pumpkin center.

Sweet Potato Pie with Crunchy Cranberry Filling

Bet you haven’t seen this one before. This pie features savory sweet potato and a sweet, tart cranberry filling. It might sound like an adventurous combination, but the result is absolutely incredible.

Maple-Walnut Cream Pie

This one is sure to be a hit at your Thanksgiving celebration. A creamy, maple-flavored filling contrasts perfectly with a topping of crunchy walnuts and fresh whipped cream. The result is a savory-sweet pie that does everything a perfect dessert should do. You might want to make a few of these so you don’t run out.

We won’t blame you if you stick with grandma’s classic apple pie, but for those who are ready for something new, you won’t go wrong with any of these delicious Thanksgiving pies.

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