What to Look for When Taking a Test Drive

What to Look for When Taking a Test Drive

Most drivers going through the process of buying a new car are doing so for the first time, and quickly realize that there is much more to it than pointing at the model you like in the lot, signing some papers, and driving away with a shiny new ride. When the whole affair starts to get overwhelming, it might be tempting to cut corners and skip a few steps, but one that you should never take lightly is the test drive.

What to Look for When Taking a Test Drive

Taking a test drive can tell you everything you need to know about you possible new car, a sort of “subconscious” yes-or-no feeling about a particular model. Here, we’ll share a few tips to keep in mind the next time you’re taking a test drive:

Go in with a Plan

While it may be a blast to test-drive all the high-octane performance models on the lot, you should only concentrate on testing the vehicles that fit your lifestyle and you’re seriously considering purchasing. This isn’t just to save your time and the sales associates’ – driving cars that you’re unlikely to buy will confuse your behind-the-wheel research.

Come with Questions

Once you know what models you’ll want to test out, do some research and see what people are saying online. Are people reporting poor visibility? Is there a loud engine noise?

Schedule Your Test Drive in Advance

The car-buying process is long – don’t make it longer by having to wait around in a showroom lobby! That’s never fun, even in a cozy, comfortable lobby such as ours at Gossett Audi.

Trust Your Gut

If you don’t feel right behind the wheel, trust yourself. If you’ve taken the car out for a spin and still don’t feel all starry-eyed when you step out of the cabin, that model might not be for you.

At Gossett Audi, we’re always happy to set our customers up with a test drive, because we always want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. Visit us today to test out your favorite Audi.

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