Tips and Tricks for Traveling with Pets

Tips and Tricks for Traveling with Pets

traveling with petsYou consider your pet to be a part of your family, and so it’s only natural that you might consider taking them along on a family road trip this summer. Before you set out on the open road with your furry friend along for the ride, consider these tips for safe travel.

According to the American Humane Society, the most important thing to keep in mind is that not all pets may be able to travel in a car without getting stressed out. Anxiety can lead to serious health issues for animals, and any significant sources of stress are to be avoided if at all possible. You may want to condition your furry friend with small trips here and there before deciding if it’s appropriate to head out on a longer journey. If they are too stressed to go on the road, you should consider leaving them behind with a trusted sitter.

You also need to have the proper safety equipment. For smaller pets, there are often special crates or seatbelts that help keep them safe and prevent you from being distracted at the wheel. Pets can flee if you open the doors at a rest stop, or in the unfortunate circumstance of an accident, which is why it’s important to keep them secure at all times. Generally, you want to avoid the front seat, and, if necessary, you may want to invest in a seat divider for larger pets.

It’s also important to remember that you can never leave your pet alone in a vehicle for any period of time. In many places, it’s illegal to leave animals in cars, as hot or cold weather can prove fatal. Treat your pets like you would your own child, and extend the same consideration whenever leaving the vehicle for trips into the gas station or shop.

The open road is pet-friendly; if you have the means, summer is a great time to take your best friend out to see the country with you. If you need a new vehicle in which to make that road trip, consider a brand-new Audi from Gossett Audi.

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