Signs Your Car Needs New Brakes

Signs Your Car Needs New Brakes

Signs Your Car Needs New BrakesOf all the vital components of your vehicle, the brakes are among the most essential. For as important as it is that you are able to go, it’s every bit as important that you can safely come to a stop. If your brakes are not in working order, you could be putting yourself at more risk than is necessary. The following are three of the most prominent signs that your car needs new brakes.


High-pitched screeching can be hard to miss, and it’s one of the most obvious indicators your vehicle is in need of new brakes. Modern brake pads have metal pieces in them that rub against the brake rotors when they’re nearly gone. The screech is loud enough that it can be heard even when the windows are rolled up and the music is on full blast. If you hear a loud screeching whenever you prepare to come to a stop, have your brakes inspected sooner rather than later.

Visual Inspection

If you get on the ground and look between the wheel spokes, you should be able to see the brake pad pushed against the rotor. If you can’t see at least a quarter of an inch of the brake pad, make a service appointment to have your braking system inspected.


Feeling vibrations whenever you apply your foot to the brake pedal is a sure sign that the brake pads are too worn to grab the rotor’s surface. Vibrating might also mean that the rotors are warped, which would require that they are replaced as soon as possible.

Fortunately, these signs are noticeable enough that you should be able to book your service appointment at Gossett Audi before things become too dangerous. If your brakes don’t seem like they’re what they used to be, bring your vehicle in and we will get you squared away quickly and effectively.

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