Best Road Trip Apps That Will Elevate Any Adventure This Spring

Best Road Trip Apps That Will Elevate Any Adventure This Spring

Spring is the perfect time of year for a road trip. Before you take off, though, check out our list of best road trip apps that are sure to improve your journey, whether you’re tackling remote locations in the 2018 Audi Q3 or enjoying beautiful backroads with the top down in the 2018 Audi A5.

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The quintessential road trip planning app, RoadTripper is easy to use and available for free on Android and iOS. This app lets you quickly plan a route and find restaurants, parks, hotels, and points of interest along the way.


DailyRoads Voyager

While high-resolution dash cams are becoming increasingly affordable and popular, DailyRoads Voyager makes recording your most memorable drives easier than ever by converting your smartphone into a dash cam. Currently only available on Android devices, DailyRoads Voyager is free to use.



 A long-time favorite, GasBuddy lets you find real-time-updated gas prices around you so you can save money whether you’re close to home or driving across the country. There is nothing we don’t like about this app: it’s free, simple, and, best of all, will start saving you money at the pump from the minute you download it.


With these apps in tow, the only thing you’ll need to make your road trip perfect is a new ride. Gossett Audi has you covered with the latest heart-stopping vehicles from the most stylish and exceptional luxury brand. Treat yourself to a new Audi and kick off the summer the right way.

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