Back-to-School Driving Tips

Back-to-School Driving Tips

With summer drawing to a close, school is getting back in session in Memphis and around Shelby County. This means we will start seeing school buses loaded with children on the road and students walking and riding their bicycles in the mornings and afternoons. It also means it’s a great time to brush up on how to be a safe and responsible driver in and around school zones. To get you back in that state of mind, check out these back-to-school driving tips.

back to school driving

  • If you drive through a school zone, always obey the speed limit and proceed with caution.
  • Always stop for school buses that are loading or unloading children. It is the law in Tennessee, and a violation could land you a fine of at least $250.
  • While driving through a school zone or other area where there are lots of children, make sure you are paying the utmost attention. Put your phone down and ignore any calls or messages.
  • If you encounter any school crossing guards, always obey their signals.

If your child will be riding the bus to school, make sure they know the following bus safety rules:

  • Stay seated at all times.
  • Do not yell at or distract the driver.
  • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before standing up.
  • When getting off the bus, stand at the bus stop until the bus has driven away.
  • While waiting for the bus, stay out of the street.

With these handy tips, you can ensure your safety and the safety of your child and other school children. If you’re in the market for a reliable family vehicle that exudes plenty of style and confidence, make Gossett Audi your next stop.

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