Winter Driving Tips You’ll Need This Year

Winter Driving Tips You’ll Need This Year

It’s November, and that means winter weather will be here before you know it! It’s time to prepare for what winter will do to the roads, and these winter driving tips will ensure you’re ready for the cold winds and slick pavement.

Winter Driving Tips - Gossett Audi - Memphis, TN

Slow Down

Roads can get pretty slick when winter weather sets in. It’s important to remember that it takes longer to both start moving and bring your vehicle to a stop on snowy and icy roadways. Make sure to give yourself more time to maneuver and come to a stop and drive as slow as necessary. Driving at 45 mph instead of 55 mph, for example, could help prevent a collision with a snowbank, another vehicle, or pedestrians.

Get Some Rest

The best advice to give any driver is to get some rest before hitting the road. Driving while tired slows your reaction time, and that alone can result in a tragic accident. Get some rest before you try to take on the winter weather, and do not let yourself become distracted behind the wheel.

Avoid Stopping

Coming to a complete stop can leave you in a tough spot, especially if you happen to stop on slick pavement. If you can help it all, work on slowing down enough to roll until the traffic light turns green. After all, you don’t want to have your wheels spinning when it’s time for the car to start moving again.

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