Tips for Driving in Snow

Tips for Driving in Snow

Tips For Driving In Snow

Sometimes driving in snow is unavoidable if you have an emergency situation or you just really need to be somewhere. Here are some tips for driving in snow that will help you stay safe this winter.

Drive slow

Driving at a lower speed than usual is the best way to avoid skidding on snow. If you’re going slower, you can also brake more slowly, which also reduces your risk of skidding. If you’re at a stop light, ease off the brakes slowly when it turns green — you’ll slide if you try to start too fast.

Drive in other cars’ tracks

If there are tire tracks in the road, try to drive on top of them. The other cars’ tires have pushed the snow out of the way or even melted it, so the road is less slick in the tracks.

Increase your following distance

Stay further away from cars in front of you on snowy roads. You want more time to stop — both because you should be pressing the brakes more slowly, and because your car might slide when you brake. Rear-ending another driver is easy to avoid if you leave enough following distance.

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