Try These Wonderful Wintertime Activities

Try These Wonderful Wintertime Activities

DecemberThings can get a little dull in the winter. There’s the lack of daylight, the bitter cold, and the frost. Then there’s the constant, never-ending stream of Christmas music for the entire month of December. These are the things that depression is made of. Don’t be a victim! Empower yourself with these wonderful wintertime activities.

Become A Film Snob

You have all of the excuses you need to stay inside so spend your time indoors productively by reviewing all of the great movies that have come out so far this year. Search for films considered to be Oscar-contenders. Watch them. Take notes. And most importantly, act condescending toward others when discussing the film in public.

Embrace It

Instead of shrinking from the outdoors, why not embrace it? To do so, you’ll need some quality winter gear. Once you’ve acquired the appropriate apparel, try some outdoor hiking or even, if you’re feeling brazen, try winter camping! Or you could go traditional and do some skiing or snowboarding at a local site.


Concede. Throw your bean bag, personal collection of VHS tapes, and other essentials into your station wagon and relocate somewhere where it’s warm all of the time without ice storms or closed schools. But… wouldn’t that just be boring?

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