What’s with the Weird, Swirly Patterns on Test Vehicles?

What’s with the Weird, Swirly Patterns on Test Vehicles?

In late November, Jeep was caught test-driving its all-new, unreleased compact crossover. While we were excited by the thought of a first-glimpse at a brand new Jeep product and we couldn’t wait to see the pictures, we were once again disappointed when we saw the weird swirly patterns. It was impossible to even guess what this potentially beautiful Jeep might look like. So confounding was this black-and-white, hurricane-like pattern!

So, what is the point of these weird patterns? We’ve seen them before when unofficial shots are released of soon-to-be-announced vehicles. Is there a purpose, and, if so, what is it (besides sending us into a “The Swirly Wallpaper” sort of madness)?

Well, there is a reason behind the crazy look. The whole purpose is to confuse photographers and the swaths of eager fans awaiting their first look. The strange designs do the best job of disguising all the telling details about the car and stopping the camera from auto-focusing, keeping the model’s shape a secret.

Keep in mind, the weird swirly patterns are just a vinyl application, not an actual paint job. Remember this next time to see a test mule out there on the track!

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