Audi Returns to Le Mans

Audi Returns to Le Mans

Audi Returns to Le Mans - Gossett Audi - Memphis, TN

Audi is one of the winningest automakers at Le Mans in recent history — and now, Audi is finally returning to world of prototype racing. Although the luxury German automaker has been absent from the world of prototype racing since 2016, Audi intends to make its triumphant return in 2023. Currently, the automaker is cooking up a vehicle that fits the regulations of the Le Mans Daytona hybrid class.

Hybrid Racing

Audi could get some serious mileage out this souped-up hybrid — a Le Mans Daytona hybrid class vehicle can also compete in the FIA World Endurance Championship and IMSA’s WeatherTech SportsCar Championship,

Audi Sport managing director Julius Seebach explained that the upcoming electrified racecar will have a ripple effect throughout the automaker’s lineup. “We are evaluating other possible fields of activity for us in international motorsport. In doing so, we have our customers’ wishes in mind as much as the company’s future strategy, which is clearly focused on electrification and carbon-neutral mobility.”

With Great Power

Audi hopes to imbue its future vehicle with a whopping 630 horsepower to supplement the 40 horsepower provided by the kinetic energy recovery system. Currently, it’s not known whether Audi will pull from its many production engines or designed a new powertrain from scratch. Whichever route Audi chooses to go, drivers win — you’ll get to enjoy a future lineup of vehicles with breathtaking power alongside clean, green, fuel-saving efficiency.

Want a sneak peek at the electrified future of Audi? Check out the e-tron, available at Gossett Audi in Memphis, Tennessee.

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