Audi to Produce a New Electric Sport Utility

Audi to Produce a New Electric Sport Utility

Audi LogoWatch out Tesla; there will soon be a new electric sport utility vehicle in town!

Audi has made plans to build its first purely electric sport utility in 2018. This will take place in Brussels and is due to a desire to embrace cleaner technologies. Both the car and its battery will be made at the Belgian plant.

This electric SUV will be a direct competitor to Tesla Motors’ Model X. When the battery of the new Audi electric SUV is fully charged, it will have a range of more than 310 miles. This range is more than the Model X’s!

The electric SUV will be the first all-electric vehicle from the brand, but it will not be the last. Chief Executive Officer Rupert Stadler has stated that the company is working to have more battery-powered models which focus on clean energy technologies.

Audi is focusing on providing electric-vehicles to both domestic and foreign locations. However, the company is hoping that the German government will offer some incentives to encourage the production of this vehicle at the two main plants in Germany. Audi hopes to help Germany become more of a leading market for battery-powered cars.

No matter where the cars are made, we at Gossett Audi are excited for the future of the all-electric Audi vehicles!

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