5 Best Ice Cream Places in Memphis

5 Best Ice Cream Places in Memphis

As fans of Memphis, Tennessee, we at Gossett Audi can’t eat enough of our great city’s legendary barbeque. While the debate over the best barbeque place rages on, one thing is certain: nothing is better after a big plate of barbeque than a big bowl of ice cream. Memphis has plenty of those places too; these are our top five ice cream places in Memphis.

  • La Michoacana: Known for its amazing flavors (like Mexican cake and pine nut) and huge chunky ingredients, this family-owned and operated ice cream parlor on Summer Ave has been wowing the community for 50 years.
  • Mama D’s: Locally-owned and sourced with local ingredients, the delicious Italian ice and cool pops from Mama D’s can’t be beat on a hot Southern afternoon. Our favorites are mango chile and watermelon basil.
  • Ben & Jerry’s: There are plenty of chain creameries in Memphis, but the most popular is easily Ben & Jerry’s on the east side. If you want a chocolaty treat, you can’t beat a big scoop of Chocolate Therapy or The Tonight Dough.
  • Gelato Café: Known for its unique ambiance as much as its desserts, this classy parlor in nearby Bartlett serves drinks, sandwiches, gelato (you can’t miss the mango), and more—while opera music often plays in the background.
  • Jerry’s Sno Cones: Often busy but always satisfying, this take-out establishment on Wells Station Rd takes snow cones to a whole new level. Start with the Wedding Cake flavor and branch out from there.

If you decide to eat your sweet treat on the go, we at Gossett Audi recommend you be careful eating it in your car!

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