Audi Tech Partnerships Aim for Better Bicycle Safety

Audi Tech Partnerships Aim for Better Bicycle Safety

Here at Gossett Audi Memphis, we want our vehicles to safely and smoothly share the road with everyone else — including bicyclists. So we’re thrilled about the news that Audi of American is collaborating with multiple technology partners to develop technology that prevents car-to-bicycle collisions and improves safety for all.

One of Audi’s most important partnerships is with the Spoke mobility platform. The two companies are working together on cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) tech that will make it easier for Audi cars and SUVs to detect the presence of bicycles on the road.

The technology that Audi is testing uses cameras, radar, and other systems, and the goal is to make them effective even when visibility is limited and road markings are faded. They could eventually help to detect bicyclists in a wide variety of road situations:

  • Early detection of a bicycle’s presence near a car
  • When a front or rear crash with a bicycle is imminent
  • When a car is leaving a parallel parking spot
  • When a bicycle is approaching from the left or right while a car is backing up
  • When a bicycle might cross the path of a car’s left or right turn

C-V2X is likely to have many other applications as well, including safety improvements for school buses, construction zones, and emergency vehicles.

To learn more about Audi’s current lineup of advanced safety features, visit Gossett Audi Memphis to test-drive one of our luxurious cars or SUVs!

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